Our Story

Our Family 

We have been manufacturing shoes for over thirty years. We know what makes a great shoe and we know what makes our customers happy. We are a tight knit family who are always looking to expand our horizons and improve on our goal. We never stop improving and we always are thinking about you, the customer! 

Our Mission

To produce quality shoes, at a revolutionary price point while leading the way in environmental change and helping those in need.

Why we are doing this?

We focus on quality and integrity. We want to bring fashionable footwear, quality footwear, and price conscious footwear to the American shopper. We feel that over the years retailers have marked up good to the point where the value doesn't justify the purchase. We are here to change that!

Our Promise

10% of all profits from our initiative to reinvent the shoe industry, will be donated to the men, women and children who are in need of a better life. Not just better shoes, but better food, clothing and shelter. 




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